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Put TIP to Use at Your Site


Needs are different in various settings and circumstances. Depending on your objectives, there are several ways to benefit from TIP.


You may want to "test drive" TIP with a pilot group at your site.


You may want have this vital asset "in house" and "at home" where you can use it—or parts of it—whenever you need it.


You may want to implement a social change or societal entrepreneurship project. 

Ways to get TIP working for you.


ARINA can conduct the process at your project's or organizational location, e.g., in a community or workplace.


ARINA can train people where you are, so you have resident capacities to conduct the process when and where you need to. Approaches include:

- Workshop Intensives

- Distance learning combined with in-person training

- Training extended over a period of time to include hands-on practicum components, e.g., practice or      "live" use in your community or organization.



TIP - Replicable, transportable, transformative... A System for Comprehensive Social Change